Before There Was (CD)

Before There Was (CD)

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Picking right up from where they left off with critically acclaimed The Heartbeat, Bellarive continues to cast a wide vision for what worship can be with its follow-up Before There Was. Congregational yet creative, inspiring and innovative, Before There Was is birthed out of the band's tight-knit community and written for anyone hoping to make sense out of life and what God is doing in the midst of it.

"If a song helps reveals God's presence to people, and it helps nudge them closer to His heart, I think that's probably worship music," lead singer Sean Curran says. "And even if it's just for a moment, if people can realize that God is closer than they ever imagined, if they can believe and hold fast to the promises He's spoken over their lives, many times that is how God moves us closer to His heart."

Track Listing:

1. Let There Be Light
2. Your Great Love
3. Calling On Fire
4. Lazarus
5. Save Us
6. I Belong To You
7. Bring Us Back
8. Chains
9. Halleluiah to Saving Grace
10. Only You Can Raise The Dead
11. Caught In The Middle
12. From The Very Start
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