Cathedrals Family Reunion: Past Members Reunite Live In Concert (CD)

Cathedrals Family Reunion: Past Members Reunite Live In Concert (CD)

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Five of today's most popular southern Gospel artists reunite for the first time in almost two decades to celebrate the legendary, award-winning Cathedrals. Past members Ernie, Mark, Gerald, Scott and Danny gather around the piano for a LIVE concert that pays homage to heroes George Younce and Glen Payne and to the group's legacy. Featuring many of The Cathedrals' classic hits and four-part harmonies, this recording captures all-new vocal performances, heartfelt stories and special memories of an era that changed countless lives through the power of Gospel music.

Track Listing:

1. Blood Washed Band
2. Oh, Come Along
3. Wedding Music
4. He Made A Change
5. Yesterday
6. We Shall Be Caught Up
7. Somebody Touched Me
8. Can He, Could He, Would He
9. We'll Work
10. Heavens Parade
11. I've Read The Back Of The Book
12. Step Into The Water
13. Oh, What A Savior
14. Gaither Medley (Something About That Name, I Will Serve Thee)
15. Champion Of Love
16. Search Me O God
17. We Shall See Jesus

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