Live In Charlotte (DVD)

Live In Charlotte (DVD)

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Witness the legendary Twinkie Clark as she skillfully exhibits why she is revered as one of the most innovative musical talents in the Gospel Music Industry. This video allows you a first-hand glimpse at Twinkie, as her voice soars above the rafters, her fingers grace the Hammond B-3 as only hers can, and as she reunites with the world-renowned "Clark Sisters" for a moment that will shine in the hearts of their fans for years to come. Twinkie displays a time-crafted versatility that defines true artistry. Whether rendering a funky, uptempo selection like Jesus Saves, or a heart-melting ballad like Worship The King, Twinkie does both with ease, confidence and capability.

Track Listing:

Jesus Saves
Worship The King
Thank You For The Healing
An Interview With Twinkie #1
For Christ Is Coming Back Again (Feat. Karen Clark-Sheard)
It Won't Be Long
An Interview With Twinkie #2
Endow Me (Feat. The Clark Sisters)
Pray For The USA (Feat. The Clark Sisters)
Hear With You
My Trust Is In You
A Better Day

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