Magnetic pagemarker set of 6 (Little Miss Grace)

Magnetic pagemarker set of 6 (Little Miss Grace)

Grace, Hope, Trust, Love, Believe, Faith

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Growing up is not always easy. With so many decisions to make and things to learn each day, it is sometimeshard for tweens to figure out who they are and who they want to be. With fresh and funky Little Miss Grace range of product, tween girls will discover that God has a brilliant plant and purpose for their lives. Parents will also love the positive characteritics that Litlle Miss Grace embodies.

Little Miss Grace ...

Grows spiritually.
Reaches out to others.
Appreciates God's blessings and joys
C is cheerful
Encourages others.

Because a girl with Grace is always beautioful in God's eyes...
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  • Erschienen/Erfasst: 11-12-2012
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  • Abmessung: 76 x 156 x 2 mm

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