Praise Series Gold (3-CD)

Praise Series Gold (3-CD)

In His Time/I Love You Lord/Open Your Eyes (Instrumental)

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The Praise series has inspired thousands of people worldwide with encouragement and hope. Now three times more of the best songs from this series can be experienced in one package on - the Praise Series Gold: 3-CD Box Set.

Praise Series Gold: 3-CD Box Set which features
Praise Gold: In His Time
Praise Gold: I Love You Lord
Best Of Praise Strings: Open Your Eyes (Instrumental)

Disc one and two feature vocal selections, disc three boasts instrumental ones. The songs have been digitally re-mastered for a superior listening experience. Eye-catching packaging is highlighted by large covers with song titles listed on the front of the box set.

Track Listing:

Praise Gold: In His Time
1. I Want To Praise You, Lord
2. Father, I Adore You
3. I Love You, Lord
4. Glorify Thy Name
5. Jesus, Name Above All Names
6. Open Our Eyes
7. Wait On The Lord
8. In His Time
9. You Are My Hiding Place
10. As We Gather/The Steadfast Love Of The Lord
11. I Love You, Lord (Bonus Track)
12. Speak To Me (Bonus Track)

Praise Gold: I Love You Lord
1. One Thing Have I Desired
2. You Are My Dwelling Place
3. We Choose To Fear Of The Lord
4. He Is Our Peace
5. Rock Of My Salvation
6. In Moments Like These
7. Make Me A Servant
8. Hide Me In Your Holiness
9. Psalm 5
10. I Love You Lord

Best Of Praise Strings: Open Your Eyes (Instrumental)
1. (Don't You Know) It's Time To Praise The Lord
2. In His Time
3. Rock Of My Salvation
4. Holy Place
5. Seek Ye First
6. Glorify Thy Name
7. Humble Thyself In The Sight Of The Lord
8. Open Our Eyes
9. I Love You Lord
10. Sing Hallelujah
11. I Want To Praise You Lord
12. Father I Adore You
13. Praise Song
14. Isn't He
15. O Magnify The Lord (I Will Call Upon The Lord)/The Lord Reigns
16. You Are My Hiding Place
17. Psalm 5
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