Purpose & Power Of Authoity

Purpose & Power Of Authoity

Discovering The Power Of Your Personal Domain

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Your Personal Authority
We were all created to exercise authority in our lives...and we are all answerable to some higher authority. However, our past negative experiences of authority??such as control and manipulation??have produced life?draining emotions such as fear, resentment, rebellion, distrust, suspicion, stress, worry, defensiveness, antagonism, or even dread.

Best?selling author Dr. Myles Munroe turns widely accepted but counterfeit concepts of authority upside down. His biblically?based, time?tested principles will transform how you submit to authority and use your own personal authority. Then, you can...

Exercise your intrinsic power and gifting
Recognize what true authority is
Identify the different types of authority
Become the leader God intended
Live out your life's purpose

Tap into God's Powerful Authority
and Fulfill Your Destiny and Potential
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