Unspoken (CD)

Unspoken (CD)

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For a band named Unspoken, Chad Mattson, Mike Gomez, Jon Lowry, and Ariel Munoz have been making a lot of noise. With two straight Top 5 singles ("Who You Are" and "Lift My Life Up") and successful tours with bands like Sanctus Real and Bid Daddy Weave, Unspoken has built steady momentum through their last two EPs, even as they've grown as a band. Lead singer Chad Mattson reflected on this season of growth. 'The more you work on something and devote yourself to a craft, I think the better you become at it, especially as you are surrounding yourself with people who are good at it.'

The timing is therefore perfect for the band's first full-length album with Centricity Music, 'Unspoken.' It's a diverse record befitting a diverse band, which features members from Maine, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. The mix lends subtle flavors to the music beneath strong pop sensibilities.

Track Listing:

1. Start a Fire
2. Who You Are
3. Good Fight
4. Call It Grace
5. Lift My Life Up
6. Tomorrow
7. In Your Hands
8. Real Thing
9. Walking Away
10. Everything
11. Bury The Workman
12. My Recovery
13. Tomorrow (Radio mix)
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